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The tech-nerds among us at Documatics were eagerly waiting to hear what exciting new features would be announced at Apple’s Education Event in the Guggenheim Museum, New York yesterday. And we weren’t disappointed…


Some things that caught our attention:


The new iTunes U app that brings a free digital catalogue of college and university courses to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


An iBooks 2 update that now supports these amazing new multi-touch books for the iPad.


iBooks Author the free Mac OS application used to create and publish these new multi-touch books.


Textbooks section added to the iBookstore featuring a cataloge of interactive learning multi-touch books.


Apple are again paving the way for the future; revolutionising the way E-Books are created and published. By adding a Textbooks section to the iBookstore and releasing the iTunes U app, Apple are set to make education more interactive.  


If you want to see what all the fuss is about, get the new iBooks 2 here, then log into the iBookstore and grab E.O Wilson’s “Life on Earth an Introduction” (it’s free!) to see the new beautiful, interactive 3D graphics for yourself- it’s really hard not to be impressed. 


With iBooks Author, we can all create our own textbooks, cookbooks, picture books boosting beautiful interactive graphics, 3D images, photo galleries and movies, the possibilities are endless… And with Apple hitting so hard on the education front, hopefully it will mean the release of lower-priced iPads, especially since the new multi-touch books are only available on the iPad.


As with most good things in life, there is a catch-a typical and, not surprising, Apple catch. That is, books that are created in iBooks Author can only be sold in the iBookstore, with Apple most likely receiving a juicy 30% of the profits or alternatively…give them away free. In true Apple-style, they are going down the same exclusivity road they did with the App Store; it remains to be seen if it will yield the results they are hoping for. 


But while some are comparing this injustice to Adobe getting a cut of a graphic designers’ income because they used Illustrator, for now I choose to simply enjoy the cool new announcements and to watch this this space for new developments…


Check out the videos on the Apple website:

iBooks Author

Textbooks for iBooks



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